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Friday, September 04, 2009

2:32 pm

Yeay,,,,rupanya 2ndweeks of ramadhan dah..nda terasaa at aLL bnR tahh....meaningg raya nda g Lama...

and i havnt prepared for my raya..dui apa jua ganya buy sandals..ahaha owh well

hopefuLLy kRg mlm...everything goes well admissions plzz...ahahaha..since only de 2 of us sja krg ND...hmmm berjaga2 mlm th we ni...Fyteeee2....

yday so de very busy sgt...baru sampai..puhar work place eh..with 2 org iUFD ...gav birth..oh well...3 emerg3ency erpc..oh MI God bnr jua tu....owHh tiredd eh..need cuti hantaplyy gagaga...

i iS so happy dat i met My old Frenz ..skewlah ugama...17years tauN..baru th we jMpa eh baybeh..makin hawt u ah...wawawa gatalzz ku ah :D..nda papa sma jua we're gonna met pat worK place kn..owh thnx for de treat..chewah konon u read la kan :D... bila g lepax ?? :D i is so loving it to stare at Ya :P too bad ur taken chittt!!/;p

adioSs :D

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Thursday, September 03, 2009

1:38 am

Wishing...Happy belated birthday to Dr Moe n Dk siti Rogayah..

And to my dear babe..c Nonie..Happy Birthday Darlenxx...kekeke

Yesterday...was a very tiring day..well bila jua kerja nda tiring ani..but he y..its fasting Month..n n n today ada byk OT's waaAa and additionaL OT list..cant they juz reduced it for da sake of ramadhan month....waAaa naleh vah antat n ambil the client from wd to ot..from ot to ward..naik turun..surung here n there..bnr its our jobs..but...sigh..owh well

and and Our workplace FULL!! yeah full cool ah,..ntat sja th..nada bed..maseh jua kna antat..adoi2..owh well..bersabar lahh kmi ni..ahah p how....

anyway..ani sja kn ku update2..waawa

wondering bila kn ke MIIRII with Muh sr n jr :P... we rox kababOomm

owh i Miss cii saii..baru u akun ahh...sja kn make u tagur me first...waawa
now i MIzz who g?? sumone whome i love to atil2 jua,,,ahahah adui2..penincx2 with chixx :P


Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

12:56 am

Assalamualaikum n good AM i supposed..since its 3mins to 1am...

So gonna wishing all..Happy ramadhan to aLL muslimS out there :D

kan berabad dah ku nda mengupdate...luan meriah jua..macam malas jua rajin jua..or busyy ahahhaa...busy with my world...

ANyway..last 2 days i guessed...had a Sungkai outinx with My gurls @Seasons with Amal n Edah...Many to chat gossip with..well Of coz abt our workss...hahaha....bila jua nada kn d talk bout it kn..hehehe we really had fun thou..well de pixie.. u guys can view at FB lah ah..ahahah since we're using Amal camera...but it wud b more FUN..if with US>... but too bad she had PM shift dat day...wondering WHEN will de SUJAWANZZ!!! only...i MEAN only be sungkai-inx or LEpakx-inx g ah??UR so BUSY dahhh..nadA Msa WITH kami.....owh Well GUESS bahagia DAH yewh Snaa....anyway Mate Have FUN..happy2 often..OKeeyyy...


Bah taking care ALL :D


Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Friday, April 03, 2009

2:06 am

mE with Myy

after brunching at wywy

heLLO whose on da Line
coMEon syg...napa julur2 kn

jgn kuat2 pauk Tyy eh

while waiting for yatzy n lao Po to arrive

we're at stadium Hassanal BolKiah :D

its ouR day :D

Me n Syg lepak at Rizqun HOteL

Heartz Yewh

@jolibee while waiting For da fast n furious Movie to start

oh Plz syg..Behave infront of da camera

gRrr donT puLL me HaiR La

knyang mkn chipS? xp

manja Nyaa



apakn syg ani berabut begmbr -__-

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1:29 pm


now ur 25th years old dah

JubLee age Dah Ni

wich Will Be da same with ME

So oNCE agen HAPPY bIRthday May ALLAH bLEss YOu
and d PanJanGKn UMUR
SUJawanz 313

Lots of LOve
SUJawanz 37

bday Gurl on da right side with her PouTIng liPzz :D

and another Pouting Lipz

HOreeeyy Gonna Meet her at MCD ~~
her treat YAw

WO ai NIii ~~ :D

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Friday, March 27, 2009

5:26 pm

currently am at cheez Box with my sujawanz n shdah....and waiting for ernie to come we're goin to watch moviv... the confessions of shopaholics...ichwill be start at 7pm...s lepax2an here...minum2 n eat2 hehehehe

hmm...wat else am Happy...happy tht ive got someone to love take care with..and to syg with...yeah now am in love with my love, fidah hehehe /:D...thanx for giving me ur love to me...i love u so much am missing u...cant wait to meet u later..eventho we baru jmpa hehehe..

guess thts all for today la

insya allah wll upload our picx hehehehe

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2:40 pm

More UpLOads Pixie tht i;ve being doin for da past weeks :)

finally Mau Jua uPloading kn kn

@airpot..hehe kn balek Bunaai

in My Rum...bhind da jambn gagag

@novotel hotel at de Counter for Check in

so GooD..syg to drink :P

my CollectionS of drinkS

before mulakan kerja...
berdoala Kita :D

uRRGgh Lemme wash me pants...
Lawa me skirt..
linen plg tu :P aggaD

itadakimaS~ ahaha

wiCh onE shud i eat first

kIsho n PinE's restaurant..KOrean Food ;) its YmmYlicouS

Tht;s show am kindof bored


my Hand transform to a big PAws rawr cat

where did i get tht dirty hand La -_-
AnOn n mE moDEL keTA :p

am Tinking for my future HUakk Ptuiii!!!

aiYaa PuSshHH!!

way toO tuMMyliCIouS

am GOin To die Next :D

@giant Parking lot
palau2 dah Mau tdo@jeruton's hotel

hehe with my NEw straighten hair
well still da same plg

love doin this kindof PoSe

My Fwenz froM Kb

thats My coKe n aPPLetiserz...taste gUD

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10:17 pm

Good Evening

JusT WaNNa WisHed Happy Belated Birthday to My Beloved GrandMa~ Hjh Asbah ~nda plg ea read buT Yeah

and Also To My SamdoLz gurl~ Raedah :)

May Allah Bless boTh of u ~d PanJangKn UmuR and D MurahKN RezZKi

Had great time with u gurls :)
MIssing de Moment
soRry for not spending da time with U aLL

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;

Saturday, March 07, 2009

6:58 pm

side view's hoho loving it
at capers ;)

SUJaWanz n Meezah

neh terClash With Amal..during her rehat from practising for da N'day

thE end result of straightening hehe mcm biasa plg bnrnya :D

See my Hair is rather Long :D

Few pixie during ouR stay at KK Novotel HOteL
Love this Pixie Lots
Kisho outside da Toilets

ceh took2 pixie la tu kn

tht's kisho on Muh Bed...whereas am In the TOilet

Ybroken hearts take time to heal;;